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Why Choose HypnoBirthing®?

I wanted to share with you this blog post, which is a really interesting one for couples who are currently researching how to best prepare for the birth of their baby. If you are considering your options for antenatal preparation you’ll be interested in what exactly HypnoBirthing® is and whether you will get everything you need to know to prepare you for labour and birth from attending my course.

The impending birth of a child is both exciting and yet fraught with anxiety. Some mothers fear the pain of childbirth or how an epidural may affect their child during the birthing process. However, mothers who practice HypnoBirthing® often find these fears unfounded. In fact, they are more likely to have a shorter labor and less likely to use an epidural or need costly interventions, such as a C-section.

Of course, women who deliver vaginally also enjoy a shorter hospital stay and recover more quickly than those who require a C-section. Moreover, many HypnoBirthers may even decide to deliver in the comfort of their own home. In addition to the many health benefits for both mother and child, HypnoBirthing® can significantly reduce the medical expense of labor as well.

What is HypnoBirthing® ?

HypnoBirthing® was developed by Marie Mongan, a woman who gave birth to two of her four children in the 50s and 60s without anesthesia, which was unheard of at the time. Her goal was that women should trust their bodies and their innate wisdom when giving birth, and to relax so that childbirth becomes a wonderful experience for both mother and child and not something to dread.
HypnoBirthing® is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of Labour.

Whatever journey you are planning to have, HypnoBirthing® is designed to give you confidence and calm during your pregnancy and birth, and reduce fear which is so often associated with birth.
Every aspect of what is taught is evidenced based, so say goodbye to any pendulums, and put on your scientific hats!

The main cornerstone of a HypnoBirthing® course is to teach Mum and birthing partner ways in which she can remain calm and in control mainly through practising methods such as deep relaxation, understanding the power of the mind, the power of positivity, visualisations, and the connection you can have with your partner during this precious time.
When should I start HypnoBirthing® ? The ideal time to start classes is between 25 weeks and 29 weeks of pregnancy, but you may well benefit from classes right up to the end of your pregnancy.

Who Is HypnoBirthing® Best Suited for?

Any woman can choose to use HypnoBirthing®. Some women who have had a difficult labor choose this method to avoid a similar bad experience and it is also recommended for women who previously gave birth via C-section. Women who choose HypnoBirthing® can still use the traditional OB/GYN and hospital setting, though many choose to use a midwife and give birth in a birthing center or in their home. But regardless of the setting, women who use HypnoBirthing® strive to get through labor without medication, so as to experience a natural and healthy birth for themselves and their babies.

HypnoBirthing® classes are typically 2.5 hours long and run for 5 weeks, during which time the mother and her birthing partner practice relaxation techniques, including gentle touch massage and limiting negative thoughts. The woman learns and practices deep breathing and how to achieve a hypnotic state, and is taught to change her vocabulary regarding labor.

For example, instead of talking about labor “pain,” she talks about labor “pressure.” Instead of the word “contractions,” she uses the term “surges.” Just by changing the vocabulary, a woman can think about and thereby experience labor differently.

The class also teaches couples about the physical changes that occur during labor and about the baby’s experience. In addition, they learn how to care for the child immediately after birth.
Materials include a book, positive affirmation and visualization audios, and a binder of information, and classes range from 2400 QAR (group classes) to 4000 QAR (private classes) per couple.

There are no disadvantages to HypnoBirthing® as the financial expense may be recouped through a shorter hospital stay and the experience of a natural, drug-free childbirth is often beneficial for both mother and child.

I hope this first blog answers most of the questions you may have, as you experience this extremely special moment of your life! For more information contact me here and congratulations again, I hope to meet you and be part of this wonderful time of your life!

Love, Adriana